With the ever increasing legislation requirements, we offer a pragmatic approach to your external and internal audit needs.

About us

VSF Audit SA was created to combine the forces of qualified auditors working at SmartFidu SA and VFM Conseil SA, thus creating an audit pole of excellence.

As a result of their complementary geographical positioning (SmartFidu – Lausanne and the Lake Geneva region; VFM Conseil – Vallée de Joux, Nord Vaudois and Neuchâtel), VSF Audit is positioned to become a strong regional actor.

Due to the strengths of the team of qualified auditors, VSF Audit will be in a position to better serve their existing clients, as well as being able to tackle larger and more complex audit engagements.

Our Services

External audit

  • Audit of companies in line with Swiss auditing standards NCQ1 & NAS 220
  • Audit mandates for the purposes of special reports
  • Audits of private companies, public institutions and foundations
  • Forensic accounting, expert opinions for courts

Internal audit

  • Implementation of Internal Control Systems
  • Best practices
  • Risk management
  • Periodic audits

Corporate Governance

  • Best practices
  • Risk management
  • Periodic audits



The VSF Audit Team is composed of professionals with a multi-disciplinary skill set.

Thanks to our pragmatic approach, VSF Audit reacts quickly and professionally to all your needs. Our auditors have a wealth of experience required to meet the challenges placed on auditing today.

Our engagement partners, about whom you will find a brief presentation below, are at your disposal for any questions you may have.

charles fontannaz

Charles Fontannaz

Charles has an Economy Masters Degree from Lausanne University and is a Swiss Chartered accountant.

He brings a pragmatic approach to finding solutions to complicated problems.

Previously he has been CFO of Valtronic Technologies, Group Financial Controller at Audemars Piguet and audit manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

He is also a Board member of a number of different companies.

Pierre Tripet

Pierre Tripet

Pierre is a Swiss Certified Accountant and Auditor.

He has worked for over thirty years for various accounting and auditing firms, including STG Coopers & Lybrand. During his professional career, he has actively accompanied company directors in a wide range of different business sectors.

With his wealth of experience, Pierre pro-actively provides practical advice on financial and operational matters to his clients.

He is also a Board member of a number of different companies.

Julien Hungerbühler

Julien Hungerbühler

Julien is a Swiss certified fiduciary accountant and also a Swiss certified management accountant. He has worked for over fifteen years for various accounting and auditing firms.

He brings a dynamic, modern approach to auditing, maximizing wherever possible the use of IT tools.

He is also a Board member of a number of different companies.

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